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  • Kingrate Lighting Technology Co,Ltd,The company is specializes development of technology,manufacture,market and maintenance in the special light. Kingrate have worked for searching special light more than 10 years.All of our clients have a high evaluation on our high quality goods.There are high credit of kingrate can get the praise of leaders in the uv lamps filed,so the goods of kingrate used worldwide on the global.

    By develop and make better ,Kingrate have enthusiasm engineers and skilled workers ,introduce advanced foreign technology.They were constantly perfecting his skill and rigorous approach ,and become a professor and leader in this filed and become the king of this industry.
  • Kingrate,a manufacturer of Foshan city.A numbers of production lines and automation equipments.We have made standard and large-scale production.In meantime,kingrate plays a key role in the manufacturing process of researching and developing new products.We keep to improve the modulation scheme,in order to manufacturing goods of high ultraviolet output ,long life,and the stable.Otherwise,Because of develop the equipment can improve capacity to meet the demand.The goods of kingrate have more short delivery time and more high quality to creating the value in our clients.In the same time,there are professional sales teams in Guangzhou city to service to clients who come from everywhere in the world to give advise ad solve the problem.
All tubes of Kingrate have a series of core technology.The long life of the uv lamp(8000-13000hours),because quartz tube of lamps which have a high ultraviolet output according to customer demand. In the end of the life,the light failure still less 30%.The quality of the uv tubes have reach the famous company standard.。
The Principle Of Ultra-Violet Disinfection
The wavelength of visible light is between 400nm to 780nm,the light with wavaelength which is smaller than visible light(from 100nm to 400nm)named UV ray.UV ray can be departed to 3 ares.

UV-C called germicidal UV ray,it can destroy DNA of virus,bacterial and other microorganism,make them lost reproductive ability and kill them.

UVC ray can kill most of virus and other microorganisms in the air and water.Particularly UVC ray can kill some virus which are difficult to be killed by routine chemical method.

The 40% light energy of the low pressure mercury lamp is UV(254nm UV radiation),it is a kind of UVC ray to disinfect different bacteria in this wavelength.

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