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  • The theory of ultraviolet bactericidal test

    As for The theory of ultraviolet bactericidal test,Neither complex nor simple.In the all of the life in the global.The foundation of breed and remain is DNA and RNA.It will open the long chain of DNA when propagation the cells.A unit of each long chain will combine with U unit after open the long chain,and each long chain can copy with other long chain which just apart with other same one,It can recover the prior DNA which is full,and become a full new cells.The ultraviolet rays of 240-270nm can destroy the ability of produce DNA and copy DNA when drill.DNA and RNA with bactericidal will lose many ability to  produce DNA and and breed when it be destroyed.Because the period of bactericidal and virus are very short,the bactericidal and virus will die if can not breed.

  • How to safeguard the ultraviolet lamp

    Please scrape tube (2 times each week) with 75%alcohol cotton ball,remove the dust and dirt on above,to reduce the influence ultraviolet rays to thought it.

  • Is there have any help with life of tube after work with ballast?

    There are many influence on life of the lamp when we start it:The ballast are start at once after preheat the filament in every voltages;the voltage fluctuation have many influence on life of the lamp:The ballast can work well in 135v-250v.and keep current of the lamp are same,it can improve the life of the lamp.

  • How to judge the sterilizing effect of the water treatment?

    During on water treatment,There are 3 factor to effect kill the bactericidal.:

    一、The power of the lamp.;

    二、The water velocity,The water stay in the internal.;

    三、The distance of the water course with radiation.;

    The power of the lamp will reduce of energy when add the time.
  • How to use germicidal lamp?

    (1)As for disinfect on the above of the lamp:
    Can exposure moving in close range,and can exposure moving in close range by ceiling suspended. 

    (2) To disinfect the air in the room.:
               a、 To exposure indirectly:Use strong air ultraviolet equipment ,not only have effective but also can use in room when have exercise of the people.

                b、 To exposure directly:It can Can exposure moving in close range,and can exposure moving in close range by ceiling suspended or portable when there have no people.

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