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According to our basic management idea, Kingrate tried to achieve the satisfaction and trust from customers by means of providing the quality products.

1、Every single department of our company has a specialized clerk to protect your personal information for safety.
2、If our company needs you to provide or register your personal info such as name, address, email, telephone, we will let you know what purpose we need you to do for this. And all info should be within proper range you like.
3、Our company only uses your info under your permission.
4、We won’t provide your personal info to the third party if you don’t give us permission.
5、If you want to re-check your personal info, please contact with us. We will deal with your request as soon as possible.
6、We will try to improve the safety level base on the reasonable method to ensure the personal info safe.
7、According to the local laws and regulations, our company will keep improving and updating the safety grade for all personal info.

*If you have questions to the providing and registering personal info or you want to re-check the info you provided before, you should contact the sender and let him/her to contact us. If you are under 13 years old, you should obtain your parents or guardians’ permission first then you can offer or register your personal info.


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