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Photochemical Processes UV Lamp
Author:uv_kingrate | 2014-11-15 | View count:4652
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Gas treatment refer to the preliminary treatment of the gas which was discharged by the workshops.To achieve the national standards of outer discharge standard. General gas treatment includes organisms, dust, acid-base, stink, air purification.
Gas treatment can effectively remove the benzene, methylbenzene, dimethylbenzene, acetic ether, acetone, butanone, alcohol, acroleic acid, formaldehyde, hepatic gas, ammonia from the factories and plants.
Industrial gas treatment widely applies in chemical plant, electronic plant, spray paint workshop, paint plant, food products factory, rubber plant, rock plant that produce dust, stink and smoke.
Kingrate Lighting is so far the most professional quartz UV lamp manufactory in gas treatment industry in China. Products craftwork are splendid. The quality of Kingrate Lighting is equal to the quality of developed famous brand products. The equipments, which are making lamps, are far exceeding the level of the same trade. Gas treatment amalgam UV lamp has a long life time, less light decay, strong UV output, and it works with pre-heat electronic ballast that get stable and powerful.
Photochemical Processes amalgam UV lamp:
1、Advanced amalgam tech to raise UV output。
2、Inside wall has protectived coating to immeasurably reduce the light decay。
3、Long life time type UV lamp is 13000 hours. It reduces the frequency of mantainance for saving cost。
4、185nm wavelength can produce ozone. It resolves the organic waste gas availably。
5、Advanced amalgam tech ensures the lamp works normally in high temperature。

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