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Over flowing type of sterilizer and immersion type of uv lamp
Author:uv_kingrate | 2014-11-15 | View count:2473
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There are someC objects of water treatment.Including sewage treatment, water supply treatment,drinking water treatment,purified water, farm water treatment; There are some theory of water treatment, disinfecting, sterilization, light decomposition degradation and light reaction; There some objects to germicidal lamp of water treatment, put into water directly, call it immersion lamp; Put the lamp into the quartz, call it flowing type of uv lamp.

The sterilizer function of water treatment have many types, such as: the sterilization principle of Over flowing type of sterilizer, the pressure of water will pass the surface of the quartz tube. The uv lamp with 254NM will disinfect the water. Water have mobility and velocity, will spend less 1S thought the surface of the tube, So, it have a requested which will be strong ultraviolet rays, more than 30000UW/CM2 on the surface, will use high power of uv lamp can product so high intensity.If you want to delay the time to improve the bactericidal effect, so choose the long uv lamp to make a long equipment, or manufacture vortex structure on the  exteriors to delay the flowing time.

As for the high quality product,It is complex structure of the over flow types to sterilizer, and the complex system.for example: the Monitoring systems of the intensity ultraviolet, the Monitoring  system of water temperature,accumulate the time of disinfect, uv lamp control monitor, failure warning,sound-light alarm system,and so on. Otherwise, over flowing equipment has a requested to the environment. Such as: the Transparency of the water and  temperature has a important influence of sterilization results. When the uv lamp are working, the  temperature of the surface reach 40°C is the standard, the t temperature too high or too low will influence the effect. The temperature of water more bad, the ultraviolet rays will difficult to absorb, low utilization.

Diving type is very sample of the structure when it compared with over flowing type. Immersion uv lamp can put it into water directly, these products can use in running water,and also quiet water. It is worth noting that immersion lamp is possible to be break in the accident, long lived action, the uv lamp will cover the pollution on the surface, influence the uv rays to outlet.


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