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Application of UV Sterilizers
Author:uv_kingrate | 2014-11-27 | View count:2536
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Ultraviolet sterilization is the most cost effect and Eco-friendly method of disinfection, without using any chemical or toxins residue; it shall not pollute the environment.

It can be widely used in water treatment.
KingRate UV Sterilizers can be widely applied in the following fields.
1、Aquatic product , Aquarium and Fish pond
2、Municipal wastewater treatment plant
3、Drinking water, secondary water.
4、swimming pool, Spa and Aquarium
5、Industrial reusing water recycling
6、Water algae removal, Food factory, Beverage Factory, Brewery
7、Cosmetics Factory, Pharmaceutical Factory 
8、Semiconductor and IC manufacturing industry
9、Agricultural irrigation water disinfection
10、Water disinfection on ship

11、Other areas of need to clean sterile water


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