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Water shortage is a grave problem which need to emergency treatment.
Author: | 2014-12-01 | View count:2463
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Water is our life, it is important to product, it is a foundation of zoology. We all know how it important in our life,however, there are always a lot of phenomenon which are wasting water  around us, because we always feel "Water shortage" this word still farm away form us.

There are some numbers which are strike my eye and rouse my mind:Our country is very drought and serious water shortage, water resources ownership per capacity. It was only one four of the average level of the world,it is 110 on the world. The average available water quantity of water source of per people only 900 M3, and Distribution is not the average. 600 cities in our country,urban water supply shortage in 400 cities, more serious drought in 110 cities, gross of scarcity is 600000000 M3. Because of Surface subsidence ( ground depression ) caused by the overuse of ground water in 70 cities, subsidence area have reached 6.4 million square kilometers. Because ground depression, the balance circulatory system of underground water has been deeply destroyed, deterioration of water quality.

The people who work for environment protection think that china should develop the Saline Water Conversion Corporation, to deal with water shortage condition on the island and sea. According to the plan,2015s, the ability of the sea water desalination will reach 2200000-2600000stere/day, the new increased water supply of island will reach more than 50%, the district of water deficiency newly increased water of industry will reach more than 15%.

As we know, country take care of the desalination industry seriously, from ministries to city,all have give the policy support.

On the end of last year, after country released the first specialized planning in the filed of sea water desalination——《The develop of  desalination industry "the 12th five-years plan"》, sea water desalinate is becoming the hot word of the related industry development.It is predicted that,2015s, the ability of the sea water desalination will reach more than 2200000-2600000stere/day,The value of desalination industry will reach 300 hundreds of millions, the market of sea water desalination sale  will reach 700USD hundreds of millions.

Last year, NDRC have released that,《The desalination industry development pilot unit list about the (first)》, ZhouShan, ShenZhen become pilot cities. ZheJiang province, the national development and reform commission also issued the desalination industry "twelfth five-year" plan" in last year,they forward to  value of Seawater desalination industry, breakthrough 15 billion project.

In the listed company,concept stock have included the hailiang shares, southern pumps, double liang, energy conservation,etc. A lot of analysis of the market think that the market of seawater desalination is very huge in the future,will bring a huge market for Seawater desalination equipment, materials company.



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