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Customer Experience Improvement

Customer Experience Improvement

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Dear Customers:
   No matter you were our old or new customers, even you just wait and see, we still do appreciate your visit.
   I am the one of Customer experience department who really knows we have a lot of things needed to be improved and we have always less communicated with you. We did not know you very much so now we listen to you.

  • 1、You found Kingrate Lighting but:: * (Not null, Multiple choice)
    Pictures are not attractive.
    Can not register.
    Can not sign in with correct user name / password.
    Can not see identifying code.
    No problems.
  • 2、When you see Kingrate Home page, you figure:: * (Not null, Multiple choice)
    Products center is not abundant.
    Products are not with prices.
    Can not contact with customer-service.
    No problems.
  • 3、When we found the proper products, but:: * (Not null, Multiple choice)
    Products details are not found.
    Pictures are not matching products.
    Can not place an order in Website.
  • 4、You do not buy after do think-twice because:: * (Not null, Multiple choice)
    Bad communication.
    The regulations about return and change of goods are not clear.
    No problems.
  • 5、Business card exchange! *(Not null,Multiple choice)
    My information is true,I look for you now!Pro, three to fill in!
  • 6、Hey, vomit slot box here, and vomit slot!

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